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Generosity Beyond Wealth

To Love Is To Give by Cory Long
woman sharing money and change
To Love Is To Give by Cory Long

"To love is to give. You cannot not love. What defines us is what we love…We can’t not be lovers; we can’t not be desiring some kingdom.

The question is not whether we love, but what we love."

We address a deeply spiritual approach towards wealth, generosity, and living a life aligned with Christian values. To Love Is To Give delves into the relationship between money and faith, challenging common misconceptions and offering guidance on navigating financial matters with a generous and loving heart.

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Transform Your Life Through the Power of Generosity

In a world that often celebrates accumulation and self-interest, "To Love is to Give" offers a refreshing and transformative perspective on wealth, generosity, and the true essence of Christian living.


Author Cory Long invites you on a journey to discover the profound joy and fulfillment that comes from embracing generosity—not as an obligation, but as a way of life inspired by the very heart of God.


Generosity as a Reflection of God's Nature
The Dual Nature of Money
Overcoming Misconceptions About Wealth and Christianity
The Importance of Heart Condition Over Financial Status
Practical Steps Towards Living Generously
The Impact of Generosity on Personal and Community Well-being

Cory Long

True generosity is not measured by the size of the gift, but by thelove and intentionbehind it. To give selflessly is to reflect thevery heart of God.

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Reviews By Readers

Cory Long's "To Love is to Give" provides a refreshing perspective on generosity and wealth. Through personal anecdotes and biblical teachings, Long inspires readers to embrace a life of loving generosity. A must-read for anyone seeking to align their financial decisions with their faith.

Emily Johnson

This book blends practical advice with spiritual wisdom. Long addresses common misconceptions about money and offers actionable steps to cultivate a generous heart. "To Love is to Give" is both a guide and a companion for those looking to deepen their relationship with God and others through giving.

Michael Thompson

Cory Long's engaging storytelling and thought-provoking insights make "To Love is to Give" a compelling read. The allegories and real-life examples effectively illustrate the transformative power of generosity. This book is a valuable resource for anyone wanting to understand the true essence of giving.

Laura Martinez

"To Love is to Give" is a powerful call to embrace generosity in all aspects of life. Long's exploration of the spiritual dimensions of money and giving challenges readers to rethink their financial priorities. This book is a heartfelt invitation to live a life of abundant love and generosity.

Luca Rossi

Cory Long masterfully addresses the complex relationship between faith and money in "To Love is to Give." The book is filled with enlightening reflections and practical advice, encouraging readers to adopt a generous mindset. An inspiring read that offers both spiritual and practical benefits.

James Anderson

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"To Love is to Give" by Cory Long explores the profound connection between love and generosity, offering practical advice and spiritual insights on how to manage money in a way that reflects God's heart. Through engaging storytelling and biblical teachings, this book encourages readers to embrace a life of selfless giving and true generosity.